crash course

Glasgow Comedy Festival 2012
Edinburgh Fringe 2011
Leicester Comedy Festival 2011
Brighton Fringe 2011

“Crash Course in Depravity hearkens back to when Fringe shows were unique, fierce secret little pockets of joy and shock, laughter and desperation. Doyle holds nothing back, throwing his (or his character's) entire living sweating being into the gaping void of the audience's incredulity. It is the crossroads of Art, Comedy, Sleaze and Humanity.”


“I was really blown away by his writing and the skill of his delivery... I loved the show”
Margaret Cho 

“If you want to have a damn good laugh, by an up-and-coming star, you'll see few shows that deliver this often – and this well”

“One heck of a good laugh”
Edinburgh Reporter 

“A great night out... quick wit, sharp humour and seamless delivery”
Latest 7 

“Exceptionally well crafted... Doyle is a charming, engaging performer”

“We loved it. Our stomach muscles actually hurt from laughing so much. Nothing could have prepared us for this, in the best way possible”
Gay Times